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Kaydee Forgings Pvt. Limited are Manufacturer of Forgings Tractor Parts, Scaffolding, Ornamental, Auto Parts and Bicycle Parts with high Quality.We provide quality and consistency at the best value.

Company Profile
Kaydee Forgings Pvt. Limited was established in 1992 under the aegis of Mr. Naresh C. Bansal, Chairman, who started manufacturing Cycle parts forgings initialy, in 1995 comany increased its production capacity and diversified to Auto parts forgings, Tractor parts forgings, after that in 1999, started to manufacture Scaffoldings, ornamentals other Light and Heavy Engineering products. More

  • Our Vision

    It is an honor for me to be at the helm of a company which is growing from strength to strength every day. KAY dee has grown steadily over the years to become as one of the finest in the entire industry. More
  • Quality

    Our highest priority is on customizing our products that suits our customer.We provide quality and consistency at the best value. Our mantra is to use our expertise to cater to More

What’s Included in our Products
Kaydee Forgings Pvt. Limited Provides you Alot of Product. which are shortly Defined below. Please Click To Check More About Clicked Product.

  • Tractor Parts
    We offer wide range of Tie Rod Ends,Eye Bolts,Weld on Ends, Replacement Balls etc. More
  • Auto Parts
    We offer wide range of Automotive Forgings,Two Wheller Forgings, Customized Forgings etc. More
  • Scaffolding
    We offer wide range of Right Angle(Double Coupler), swivel,Sleeve ,Girder,Top Cup etc. More
  • Ornamentals
    We offer wide range of KDF 1101,KDF 1102, KDF 1103, KDF 1104,KDF 1105,KDF 1106 etc. More
  • Bicycles Parts
    We offer wide range of Free Wheel Forgings,Crank Forgings etc. More

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